Tableau Logical Functions

Tableau provides various Logical Functions to perform logical operations on our data. They are AND, NOT, OR, IF, ELSEIF, IF Else, CASE, ISNULL, IFNULL, ZN, IIF, etc. In this article, we will show you how to use Tableau Logical Functions with examples.

To demonstrate these Tableau Logical Functions, we are going to use the data present in the Global Super Store Excel Worksheet. So, Please refer to Connecting to Excel Files article to understand the connection settings.

Tableau Logical Functions 1

Tableau Logical Functions

The following examples will show you the list of Logical Functions.


The Tableau AND function is used to check multiple expressions and the syntax of the AND is as shown below:

Expression_1 AND Expression_2

As you see from the above syntax, the AND function accept two arguments. If both the conditions are True, it returns True. Otherwise, it returns False.

To demonstrate these Tableau logical AND functions, we have to use Calculated Fields. To create a calculated field, please navigate to Analysis Tab and select the Create Calculated Field… option

Tableau Logical Functions 2

Once you click on the Create Calculated Field… option, following window will be opened. Here, we renamed the default calculation name as AND Function.

It will check whether the Profit is greater than 0, and Quantity is greater than 25000. If both these conditions are true, the Tableau logical AND function will return Good; otherwise, it will return Bad

IF(SUM([Profit]) > 0 AND SUM(Quantity) > 25000) THEN 'Good'
ELSE 'Bad'
Tableau AND function 3

Let me add this AND calculated field to the table (by dragging a field to Rows Shelf). Please refer Create Table Report article to understand the process of creating a table

Tableau AND function 4


The Tableau OR function is like either or statement in English. If both the conditions are False, It will return False; otherwise, it returns True. The syntax of this OR is:

Expression_1 OR Expression_2

The below statement will return Good if either of these two statements is True

IF(SUM([Profit]) > 0 OR SUM(Quantity) > 300000) THEN 'Good'
ELSE 'Bad'
Tableau OR function 5

Let me add this field to the Rows shelf

Tableau OR function 6

Tableau IIF Function

The IIF function is the simple version of the If Else Function. If both the condition is True, then it will return First Statement otherwise, the second statement. The syntax of this IIF Function is:

IIF(Expression, True_statement, False_Statement)

The following Tableau IIF function returns Profit if the condition is True. Otherwise, Loss will return.

IIF(SUM([Profit]) > 0, 'Profit', 'Loss')
Tableau IIF Function 7

Now you can see the result of the Table IIF function

Tableau IIF Function 8


The Tableau NOT function return the exact opposite that means, True will become false and vice versa and the syntax of this NOT is:


The below Not statement will return Loss if the condition is True. Otherwise, Profit will return.

IF(NOT SUM([Profit]) > 0) THEN 'Profit' 
   ELSE 'Loss'
Tableau NOT function 9

You can see the NOT result by yourself

Tableau NOT function 10

Tableau ISNULL Function

To demonstrate this Tableau ISNULL function, we will use the below shown table.

Tableau Logical Functions 11

The ISNULL function will check whether it is NULL or Not. If it is NULL, then it returns TRUE; otherwise, False will return.

The syntax of the Tableau ISNULL Function is:


The following isnull statement will check nulls in Service Grade 2 column.

ISNULL([Service Grader 2])
Tableau ISNULL function 12

As you can see, this Tableau ISNULL function returned True for the products under Blue Color.

Tableau ISNULL function 13


The ZN will return the original values of Not Null values, and 0 for Null values. In simple English, ZN in Tableau is used to replace the NULL values with 0.

The syntax of the Tableau ZN Function is:


The below logical function statement will replace NULL with 0.

ZN([Service Grader 2])
Tableau ZN function 15

From the below screenshot, you can see the result of a ZN function.

Tableau ZN function 16

Tableau IFNULL Function

The IFNULL function is used to replace the NULL values with your own. The syntax of the Tableau IFNULL Function is:

IFNULL(Expression, Value)

The following ifnull statement will replace NULLs with 10, if nulls are present.

IFNULL([Service Grader 2], 10)
Tableau IFNULL function 14

Let us see the result of the Tableau IFNULL

Tableau IFNULL function 18