Tableau Funnel Chart

Tableau Funnel Chart is useful to visualize the Data in stage-wise. For example, we can use the Funnel Charts to visualize the production cost, Wastage percentage, or the number of resources we used in each stage of our product development.

The Tableau supports two types of Funnel Charts, and they are Traditional and Advanced. This article shows how to Create an advanced Funnel Chart with an example.

Create a Tableau Funnel Chart

In this example, we are going to create a Funnel Chart for Country dimension against the Sales Amount size. First, Drag and Drop the Sales Amount from Measures Region to Rows Shelf. Second, Drag and Drop the Country Dimension from Dimension Region to Color Field present inside a Marks Shelf. Please refer to the Traditional Funnel, Connecting to SQL Server, SQL and Tableau articles.

Funnel Example 2

Once you drag them, the following screenshot will be displayed.

Funnel divided by colors 3

Third, We have to sort the data in descending order. For this, please click on the Sort by Descending order option in the Tableau Toolbar

Sort Funnel by Descending Order 4

Next, Drag and Drop the Sales Amount from the Measures Region to Size Field present in Marks Shelf as shown below

Tableau Funnel Chart 5

Once you drag, Desktop will display the Tableau Funnel Chart.

Tableau Funnel Chart 6

Add Data Labels to Funnel Chart

Before we finish, Let us add Country Name and Sales Amount as Data labels. To do this, Please drag the Country Name Dimension and Sales Amount from Measures from respective region to Text field in Marks Shelf.

Tableau Funnel Chart 7

Now you can see the Country and Sales Amount in the Tableau Funnel Chart

Tableau Funnel Chart 8

Let us add Profit Measure value to the data Label to see the Sales and Profits of each Country

Tableau Funnel Chart 9

Text Format

To format the Data Labels in Tableau funnel chart, please click on the Text field inside the Marks Shelf. Once you click on it, the following window will be displayed. Click on the … the button beside the Text will open the Edit label window to format the Text

Tableau Funnel Chart 10