Tableau Annotations

In this article, we will show you how to add, edit, and delete Tableau Annotations with particle examples. To demonstrate the Annotations, we will use the Global Superstore Excel file.

For this Tableau Annotations example, we created an Area Chart by dragging Profit to Rows Shelf and Ship date Month to Columns Shelf.

In general, when you hover over any point in the Area Chart, it will show you the tooltip information. However, you can add Tableau annotations describing that point, showing values, etc.

Please refer to the Connecting to the Excel Files article to understand the connection settings.

Tableau Annotations 2

Add Tableau Annotations

Right-click on the point or Mark in the Tableau chart to open the context menu. Please select Annotate and select any of those three options. For now, let me choose Marks.

Tableau Annotations 3

Selecting the Marks option will show you the following window. By default, it will display the information at that mark.

Add Text 4

Let me change the Font style to Corbel, Font size to 12, and font-color to Red

Change Tooltip Font Style 5

Now, you can see the Tableau Annotations or tooltip at the selected Mark

Tableau Annotations 6

This time, we are choosing the point.

Change from Mark to Point Type 7

It will display the Tableau annotation at a selected point.

Tableau Annotations 8

Here, we picked a random area and chose the Area annotation. Remember, this is very useful for disclosing information about that area

Change from Mark to Area Type 9

We are using some sample text

Add Random Text 10

Now, you can see the area label.

Tableau Annotations 11

Remove Tableau Annotations

Right-click on the message you want to remove and select the remove option from a context menu.

Tableau Annotations 12

Edit Annotations

To Edit the Annotations, right-click on it and select the Edit.. option from the context menu.

Right-Click and Choose Edit 13

Use this window to change the text and format.

Edit text color and font family 14

By selecting the Format option, you can format the look. So, let me choose the Format option.

Tableau Annotations 15

You can see the Formatting window. Use this window to format this Tableau annotation.

Tableau Annotations 16

Using your mouse, you can change its location of it. Let me drag it to right-side

Tableau Annotations 17

 You can see the change in position.

Tableau Annotations 18