Python String Length

Write a Program to find the Python String Length. The Python programming language provides a building-in standard function called len to find the length of a string or any other object type.

In this program, we declared an empty string. Next, we find the length of a string in Python using the len function. Next, we find the total characters in the tutorial gateway and learn programming.

Remember, this len function counts empty space as 1. It means the total number of characters in ‘he ll’ is 5.

str1 = ''
print("\nstr1 = ", str1)

str2 = 'Tutorial Gateway'
print("\nstr2 = ", str2)

str3 = 'Learn Programming'
print("\nstr3 = ", str3)

str1 =  

Tutorial Gateway

str3 =  Learn Programming

This Python string length function program is the same as the first example. However, we allow the users to enter their own words and then find the character count of a user given one.

str1 = input("Please enter the sentence you want : ")

print("\n Original str1 = ", str1)

print("The length of a Given sentence = ", len(str1))
Please enter the sentence you want : Py Programming Language

 Original str1 =  Py Programming Language
The length of a Given sentence =  23

Let me try with different sentences.

Python String Length 3

Python String Length using for loop

In all the above-specified examples, we used the built-in function len. However, you can also find the length without using any built-in function. Interviews can test your coding skills.

In this program, we are using For Loop to iterate each character in a user-given sentence. Inside the Loop, we increment the val to count the characters. Next, outside the loop, we are printing the final output.

Please refer to Strings, For Loop, and len articles in Python.

str1 = input("Please enter the text you want : ")
val = 0

print("\n str1 = ", str1)

for i in str1:
    val = val + 1

print("Total = ", val)
Please enter the text you want : Tutorial Gateway

 str1 =  Tutorial Gateway
Total =  16

In this example, we are using Functions to separate the logic to find the length. Next, we are calling that function to find the characters in the user-entered sentence.

def stringLength(string):
    length = 0
    for i in string:
        length = length + 1
    return length
str1 = input("Please enter the text you want : ")

print("\n str1 = ", str1)

strlength = stringLength(str1)

print("Characters  = ", strlength)
Please enter the text you want : hello

 str1 =  hello
Characters =  5

Let me re-run the len program and enter a new word. It can help you understand it in more detail.

Please enter the text you want : Hello Guys

 str1 =  Hello Guys
Characters  =  10