Get insights in Power BI

Let me show you how to get insights in Power BI Workspace with a practical example. Before we start finding or getting insights of data, let me show you the list of available datasets in my workspace.

Please click My Workspace to view them, and then go to the Datasets tab.

Go To the Datasets tab in My workspace 1

How to Get insights in Power BI

In this example, we get insights of Adventure Works for the RPT1 dataset. So, click on the … button beside the Adventure Works for Power BI RPT1.

Click the ... button 2

Clicking that … button in My workspace opens a context menu. Please select the Get Quick Insights option from the context menu.

Get insights in Power BI 3

Please wait until the algorithms process your data to find insights

Wait until it Search complete 4

Once the process completes, either you click the button that we showed below

view them 5

Or click the… button beside the dataset to open a context menu. Please select the View Insights option (this option replaced get Quick insights) from that menu.

Get insights in Power BI 6

From the screenshot below, you can see the visuals that were generated by the Power BI insights. Like any other report, it allows you to pin these visuals to the dashboard.

In order to Pin any individual visual, hover over that visual and show you the Pin Visual button.

Pin Visual button 7

Or click on the report that you want to see. Next, click the Pin Visual button on the Top right corner.

Pin Visual option on top right corner 8

I am clicking Pin Visual button to open the following window. Let me select the Existing dashboard, i.e., the Fifth Dashboard. I suggest you refer to Add Report to the dashboard or Pin Report to dashboard articles to understand these settings.

Click the Pin button 9

Within the Fifth dashboard, you can see the Bar Chart that we pinned before.

Get insights in Power BI 10