Tableau Word Cloud

Tableau Word Cloud is useful to visualize the text data. For example, If you are looking for Top trending Hashtags in Twitter or Most commonly used Tags in WordPress or any other CMS, then you see few words with a brighter color, some with light color and there will be a significant change in Font Size. It is possible by using the Word Cloud. In this article, we will show you How to Create a Tableau Word Cloud. For this Word Cloud demo, we write SQL Query.

SELECT Geo.EnglishCountryRegionName, 
FROM DimProduct AS Prod 
   INNER JOIN FactInternetSales AS Fact 
      ON Prod.ProductKey = Fact.ProductKey 
   INNER JOIN DimSalesTerritory AS Terry 
      ON Terry.[SalesTerritoryKey] = Fact.[SalesTerritoryKey] 
   INNER JOIN DimGeography AS Geo 
      ON Geo.[SalesTerritoryKey] = Terry.[SalesTerritoryKey]

How to create Tableau Word Cloud Example

In this example, we create a Word Cloud for State dimension against the Sales Amount size. First, Drag and Drop the State Dimension from Dimension Region to Text Field in Marks Shelf. See the available State names in Tableau report

Tableau Word Cloud 2

Next, Drop the Sales Amount from Measures Region to Size Field in Marks Shelf

Tableau Word Cloud 3

By default, Tableau Desktop is displaying Tree Map

Tableau Word Cloud 4

To change the Default TreeMap to Word Cloud in Tableau, we have to change the default Automatic option on the Marks Shelf. Please expand the drop-down list and change the Automatic to Text

Tableau Word Cloud 5

Once you changed, Tableau Word Cloud display with State Name as Text field and Sum of Sales Amount as the text size. See that Font Size of a California State is bigger than the remaining states because the Sales Amount is higher than other states.

Tableau Word Cloud 6

Add Colors to Word Cloud

Let us add color to the Word Cloud in Tableau. We can do this by dragging the Sales Amount to the Colors field in Marks Shelf.

Tableau Word Cloud 7

After the completion, the below screenshot will display. The word or State name with Maximum Sales fills with Dark Green and Least Sales Amount with light green

Tableau Word Cloud 8

We replaced the Sales Amount in Color with Sum of Profits. Now, Tableau Word Cloud will display the state names with the highest Profits will be filled with Dark Green and Least Profits with light green

Tableau Word Cloud 9

What will happen If we replace the State Name with English Product name?. As you see, English Product Name with Maximum Sales with Dark Green and Least Sales Amount with light green.

Tableau Word Cloud 10