Python Program to Reverse String

Write a Python program to Reverse String using For Loop, while loop, and Functions with an example.

Python Program to Reverse String using For Loop

This program allows the user to enter any sentence. Next, this Python code reverses the string using For Loop.

st1 = input("Please enter your own : ")

st2 = ''

for i in st1:
    st2 = i + st2
print("\nOriginal = ", st1)
print("After = ", st2)
Please enter your own : Coding

Original =  Coding
After =  gnidoC

From the above reverse a string program screenshot you can observe that, word is Coding.

For Loop First Iteration: for i in st1
=> for C in Coding
str2 = C + st2=> C + ”

Second Iteration: for o in Coding
st2 = o + C => oC

Do the same for the remaining iterations. Please refer String article to understand them in Python.

using While Loop

This Python string reverse program using while loop is the same as above. However, we just replaced the For Loop with While Loop. Here, len function is used to find length to total characters in a sentence.

a = input("Please enter your own : ")

b = ''
i = len(a) - 1

while(i >= 0):
    b = b + a[i]
    i = i - 1
print("\nThe Original = ", a)
print("The Inverted = ", b))
Please enter your own : Tutorial Gateway

The Original =  Tutorial Gateway
The Inverted =  yawetaG lairotuT

using Function

It is another way of reversing a string using functions.

def StrInverse(str1):
    str2 = str1[::-1]
    return str2

a = input("Please enter your own : ")

b = StrInverse(a)
print("\nOriginal = ", a)
print("After = ", b)
Please enter your own : Hello World!

Original =  Hello World!
After =  !dlroW olleH

using Recursion

In this code, we are doing string reverse by calling the function recursively.

def StrInverted(str1):
    if(len(str1) == 0):
        return str1
        return StrInverted(str1[1:]) + str1[0]

str2 = input("Please enter your own : ")

str3 = StrInverted(str2)
print("\nThe Original = ", str2)
print("The Inversed = ", str3)
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