Python Program to Create a Tuple

Write a Python program to create a Tuple with an example. In Python Programming language, there are two ways to create a Tuple. The first option is using the () brackets, and the other option is the tuple() function.

The following Python example creates an empty tuple using both the options.

x = ()


y = tuple()

Output of an Empty Tuple


In this example program, we are creating a tuple of items. We all know that the tuple function accepts any iterator and converts it into the tuple. So, we declared a fruits list and used the Python tuple function to convert it into a tuple.

x = (10, 20, 30, 40, 50)
print("Datatype of y      = ", type(x))

fruits = ['Kiwi', 'Banana', 'Apple', 'Orange']
y = tuple(fruits)

print("Datatype of Fruits = ", type(fruits))
print("Datatype of y      = ", type(y))
Python Program to Create a Tuple 2