JavaScript toLocaleLowerCase

The JavaScript toLocaleLowerCase method converts the given string into Lowercase letters by considering the host environment’s current locale. The toLocaleLowerCase function syntax is shown below.


JavaScript toLocaleLowerCase Example

The following set of examples will help you understand the toLocaleLowerCase Function.

TIP: This JavaScript function returns the same result as ToLowerCase unless there is a language conflict.

<!DOCTYPE html>
    <title> JavaScriptToLocaleLowerCase </title>
    <h1> JavaScriptToLocaleLowerCase </h1>
 var Str1 = "Learn JavaScript at Tutorial Gateway";
 var Str3 = Str1.toLocaleLowerCase();
 var Str4 = "Hi, This is FROM JS".toLocaleLowerCase();
 var Str5 = "JAVASCRIPT LOWERCASE".toLocaleLowerCase();
 document.write("<b> Lowercase Letters are:</b> " + Str3);
 document.write("<br \> <b> Lowercase Letters are: </b> " + Str4);
 document.write("<br \> <b> Lowercase Letters are: </b> " + Str5);
JavaScript ToLocaleLowerCase Example

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