JavaScript tanh

JavaScript tanh function is a Math function used to calculate the trigonometry hyperbolic tangent for the specified expression. The syntax of the tanh function is:


We can use the below exp method to get the same result.

(Math.exp(number) - Math.exp(- number)) / (Math.exp(number) + Math.exp(- number))

JavaScript tanh Example

In this example, we find the JavaScript hyperbolic Tangent values for different data types and display the output.

HINT: Use EXP Function in JavaScript to achieve the same result.

<!DOCTYPE html>
    <title> Example </title>
  <h1> Example </h1>
  <p id = "Pos"></p>
  <p id = "Neg"></p>
  <p id = "Dec"></p>
  <p id = "Neg_Dec"></p>
  <p id = "Str"></p>
  <p id = "Exp"></p>
  <p id = "Null"></p>
  <p id = "Multi"></p>
    document.getElementById("Pos").innerHTML = Math.tanh(1);
    document.getElementById("Neg").innerHTML = Math.tanh(-2);
    document.getElementById("Dec").innerHTML = Math.tanh(4.45);
    document.getElementById("Neg_Dec").innerHTML = Math.tanh(-2.75);
    document.getElementById("Str").innerHTML = Math.tanh("JavaScript");
    document.getElementById("Null").innerHTML = Math.tanh(null);
    document.getElementById("Multi").innerHTML = Math.tanh(2 + 9 - 7);
JavaScript TANH Function