Format Power BI Map

How to Format Power BI Map with an example? Formatting Map includes changing the Bubble Size, Color, Map Title text, Title position, background color, etc.

To demonstrate these Map formatting options, we are going to use the Map that we created earlier. Please refer to Create a Map article to understand the steps involved in creating a Power BI map.

How to Format Power BI Map

Please click on the Format button to see the list of formatting options that are available for this map.

Format Power BI Map 1

Format Power BI Map Data Colors

While we were creating this map, we added the Order Quantity as the Color Saturation, and that’s why we see the Diverging option under the Data Colors. Please change the Minimum, Center, and Maximum colors as per your requirements.

Set Diverging Option On 2

If you removed the Order Quantity from the Color Saturation, the Data Colors section shows you the colors of each bubble, as we shown below.

Change Data Colors 3

Let me add the Order Quantity to Color Saturation again

Format Power BI Map 4

Format Power BI Map Category Labels

Map Category labels mean names that represent each bubble or circle. By toggling the Category labels option from Off to On, you can enable these labels.

From the screenshot below, you can see that we change the Color to Black and the Text Size to 14. If you want, you can add the background color as well.

Add category labels on 5

Format Bubble Size of a Power BI Map

Use this section to change the size of all the Circles. As you can see from the screenshot below, we changed the size to 25%.

Change Bubbles Size 6

Map Control in Power BI Map

By default, the auto zoom option is enabled for this map. However, you can disable it by toggling the Auto zoom option from on to off.

Format Power BI Map 7

Format Theme of a Map

Use this section to change the look or theme of a map. Let me select the Aerial Theme.

Change Theme to Aerial 8

Format Title of a Map in Power BI

By toggling the Title option from On to Off, you can disable the Map title.

From the screenshot below, you can see, we change the Font Color to Green, Text Size to 20, Font Family to Georgia, and Title Alignment to center. If you want, you can add the background color to the title as well.

Change Title Alignment, Font size and color 9

Format Background Color and Borders of a Map

You can add the Background color to a Map by toggling the Background option to On.

Similarly, you can add Borders to a Map by toggling the Border option from Off to On.

Format Power BI Map 10