Format Power BI Card

How to Format Power BI Card with an example?. Formatting Power BI Card includes changing the category Label Colors, enabling Card Title, background colors, etc.

To demonstrate the Card formatting options, we are going to use the Card that we created earlier. Please refer to Card in Power BI article to understand the steps involved in creating a Power BI Card.

How to Format Power BI Card

Please click on the Format button to see the list of formatting options that are available for this Card.

Format Power BI Card 1

Format Data Label of a Card in Power BI

Data Label is the numeric value (Sales Amount, Total Product Cost, etc.) that is displayed by the card. As you can see from the below screenshot, we changed the Color to Green, Display Units to Thousands, text Size to 40, and Font Family to Arial Black.

Format Power BI Card 2

Format Category Label of a Card

Category Label means Columns Name that we used in the Card. From the screenshot below, you can see, we change the Color to Brick Red, Font Family to Georgia, and Text Size to 35.

Format Power BI Card 3

Format Power BI Card Title

By toggling the Title option from Off to On, you can enable the title of a Card.

From the screenshot below, you can see, we change the Title Text to Total Sum of Sales. We have also changed the Font Color to Golden, Title Alignment to center, Font Family to Georgia, and Text Size to 30.

Format Power BI Card 4

Format Power BI Card Background Color

You can add the Background color to a Card by toggling Background option to On. For the Card demonstration purpose, we added some random color with 57% transparency.

Format Power BI Card 5

Format Card Borders and General Settings

You can add Borders to a Card by toggling the Border option from Off to On.

Use the General Section to Change the X, Y position, Width, and height of a Card

Format Power BI Card 6