Install SQL Server Management Studio

In this article, we will show you the step by step procedure for installing SQL Server Management Studio with screenshots. SQL Management Studio is instrumental if your system has a Server instance and you want to control the data from SSMS.

If you have the installation CD / DVD, then insert the installation media into the drive to install SQL Server Management Studio. Within the root folder, double-click on the setup.exe, as shown below.

Click on the SSMS Setup application in local file system 1

Install SQL Server Management Studio First Approach

Once you click on the setup.exe, a new installation wizard called Installation Center will open, as we have shown below. Next, go to the Installation tab and click New SQL Server stand-alone installation or add features to an existing installation hyperlink.

Install SQL Server Management Studio Wizard First page 2

First, the process will check for the updates before the Management Studio process.

Wait for loading Setup Files from Internet 3

Next, it will enter into the Install Rules window. And here, the setup will automatically advance and perform the operations. Here, it has to pass all the rules present in these windows, but you can leave this Windows Firewall warning.

Check Rules and click Next button 4

Once you click the Next button, it will enter the Setup page to Install SQL Server Management Studio. Please select the second option, i.e., Add Features to an existing instance, because we want to add management Studio to an existing instance. Please refer to the Install article to understand the first option.

Choose Add Features to existing instance option to Install SQL Server Management Studio 5

Feature Selection: Please select the features that you want to install on your computer. From the below screenshot, all the grayed-out features were previously installed in our local system.

To install it, Please check mark Management Tools Basic and Complete features and click the Next button.

Install SQL Server Management Studio 7

Click the Install button to install SQL Server Management Studio

Install SQL Server Management Studio 8

Allow a few minutes to complete the process. As you can see from the below screenshot, we successfully installed Management Studio in our local system.

Click the Close button 10

Install SQL Server Management Studio 2023

I must say, this is the direct approach. Click on the Download hyperlink to go to the below-shown window. Next, Please click on the Download Management Studio 17.4 hyperlink to start downloading the SSMS setup file

Download Studio 11

Please click on Save File to save the setup file on your local hard drive

Click the Save File button 12

Click the Install button

Click Install button 13

Allow a few minutes to load packages required for SSMS and a few other minutes to complete the installation of Management Studio.

Wait for the process to complete 15

Let me check whether we successfully installed the SSMS or not. From the below screenshot, you can see the SSMS in recently added programs.

Install SQL Server Management Studio 16
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