Install QlikView

In this article, we show the Step by step procedure to install QlikView Personal Edition (irrespective of the version) with screenshots.

Step 1: If you have the installation CD, DVD, or any medium, then insert the installation media into the drive to install QlikView. Alternatively, Downloaded the QlikView software from the website, then double-click on the QlikViewDesktop_x64Setup.exe.

Install QlikView 1

Depending upon the PC security settings, this security warning may appear. If so, then click the Run button

Install QlikView 2

TIP: Please refer to Download QlikView article to understand the steps involved in downloading the QlikView software.

Steps to Install QlikView

Step 2: Clicking the setup.exe opens a new installation wizard called QlikView InstallShield Wizard. Please select the language as per requirement, and then click OK button.

Install QlikView 3

Once click on the OK button, the wizard automatically starts extracting the software, as we showed below.

Install QlikView 4

Step 3: After the software extraction finished, it displays the Welcome screen to start the installation process. Please click on the Next button to start the actual QlikView installation.

Install QlikView 5

Step 4: Under the License Agreement page, Please select I accept the terms in the license agreement radio button

Install QlikView 6

Step 5: It displays the Customer Information page. Please provide the User Name and the Organization name.

Install QlikView 7

Step 6: Under the Destination Folder page, one can change the default installation folder by clicking the Change button. Here, we are leaving the default settings and clicking the next button.

Install QlikView 8

Step 7: It asks whether to install the software entirely or customize the setting (Custom option). Please select the Complete option.

Install QlikView 9

Step 8: Under the Ready to Install the program page, Please click on the Install button

Install QlikView 10

Step 9: Once you click on the Install button, it automatically starts the QlikView installation process. Please wait until it finishes at 100%.

Install QlikView 11

Step 10: Once it completes the QlikView installation, it displays the following page. Click on the finish button to complete the QlikView installing process.

Install QlikView 12