Download QlikView

In this article, we show from where or How to download QlikView Personal Edition with screenshots. The following are the steps involved in the software download.

Step by Step process to Download QlikView

In order to download QlikView, first, Go to the official Qlik website. Here, see the Products, Services, and the Solutions that the company is providing. Now, Click on the TRY OR BUY button to find the personal edition.

Download QlikView 1

Step 2: Within the Qlik website Try or Buy page, scroll up and down to find all the available products. In order to save the Personal Edition, either click on the Download QlikView Personal Edition For Free button or select the DownloadQlikView tab beside the Try or Buy tab.

Download QlikView 2

Step 3: Clicking the Download QlikView tab or the button shows the below page. In order to save the Personal Edition, register the details by filling the Register form. Please fill in the required details.

Download QlikView 3

After submitting the registered form, it automatically loads the following page. Please accept the License Agreement, and then click on the below shown button to start the process.

Download QlikView 4

By clicking the button, the software starts downloading. Moreover, the time it took depends on the internet speed.

TIP: Please refer to the Install QlikView article to understand the step by step approach to install the QlikView Personal Edition.