List Box in QlikView

The List Box in QlikView is the most basic sheet object, which is to show all the records present in the selected column. For creating a list box example, we are going to use the data present in the following Excel table.

Excel File 1

From the screenshot below, see that we are loading the above specified Employee excel sheet into the QlikView.

Load Excel File 2

Create a List Box in QlikView

We can create a List box in multiple ways: Please navigate to Layout Menu, select the New Sheet Object, and then select the List Box.. option.

Add new Sheet Object from Layout Menu 3

The second approach is to right-click on the Empty report area will open the Context menu. Next, Please select the New Sheet Object, and then select the shown option. Alternatively, click on the Create List Box shortcut present in the toolbar.

Choose New Sheet Object from context menu 4

Either way opens a new window.

  • Title: A custom title for the QlikView list box.
  • Field: Please select the Column name to display in it. For example, to display the State Names from the database, then select the State Column as the filed.
  • Use as Title: Checkmark this option use the Column name as the title.
Add Title to it 5

From the screenshot below, see that we are selecting the Occupation as the Filed Value. Next, we are using the filed name as the Title. Refer Import data from Excel to import the excel tables into QlikView.

User Field as Title 6

Let me sort the QlikView List box data in Ascending Order so that it is easy to find the required field. Here, we can sort the Occupation data in Ascending or Descending order.

Change the Sort Order to Ascending 7

Please change the Font family, style, and size of the font as per requirements. From the below screenshot, see we changed the Font to Lucida Sans, and the font size to 11

Format the Font Style 8

Now, see our newly created table List Box.

List Box in QlikView 9

Use this QlikView List Box to filter the data in Charts or other boxes in the sheet. To demonstrate this concept, we are adding a Bar Chart to this existing sheet.

List Box in QlikView 10

From the screenshot below, see when we select the Professional and Management fields in it. The Bar chart displays the Bar for Management and professionals only.

List Box in QlikView 11

Use the Clear shortcut to undo the List box Filter or selection.

List Box in QlikView 12