Filters in Tableau Dashboard

This article will show you How to create Filters in Tableau Dashboard with an example. For this demo, we are going to use the below-shown dashboard.

It is the Tableau dashboard that we created in our previous article and we use it to create filters. So, please refer to the article in Tableau under the same.

Create Filters in Tableau Dashboard

There are multiple ways to create filters on the Dashboard.

Filters in Tableau Dashboard First approach

We can use a Tableau dashboard item (Sheet or Chart) as the Filter. To demonstrate the same, we will use Pie Chart as a filter for this dashboard. To apply the same, Please select the Pie Chart and click the Use as Filter button, as we have shown below.

Filters in Tableau Dashboard 2

Or click on the Down arrow and select the Use as Filter option from the drop-down menu.

Choose Use as Filter Option 3

Either way, it will convert the Pie chart as a Filter. The screenshot below shows that data in all the other charts were formatted when I was selecting the United States. I mean, they are displaying data that belongs to the United States.

Convert Pie Chart as a Filter 4

Let me try Germany as well.

Use Chart 5

Remove Filters in Tableau Dashboard

To remove this filter, you can select the Filter button or uncheck the Use as Filter option from the drop-down menu. Let me remove it.

Remove Filters 6

Now you see, there is no impact on dashboard sheets even though I selected Australia from Pie Chart.

Click the Area 7

The second approach to create Filters on Tableau Dashboard

We can also apply filters on individual items (Sheets or Charts) in a Tableau dashboard. Again we are using Pie Chart for demonstration. To apply the same, select Filters, and then select the Country name or whatever field you want.

Change the Column 8

Now you see the Filter on the right side of a dashboard

on the Right Side 9

Let me uncheck a few countries. From the screenshot below, you can see that Filters apply only to Pie Chart, and all the remaining charts are unaffected.

Filters in Tableau Dashboard 10

You can also convert this into a complete worksheet filter. To do so, select a filter and click on the down arrow to open the drop-down menu. Please select Apply to Worksheets and then select the Selected Worksheets.. option.

Apply to Worksheets 11

It opens Apply Filter to Worksheets window. Please choose the Sheets that you want to apply.

Choose Charts or Sheets to Apply to Worksheets 12

Let me uncheck a few countries. From the below screenshot, see that the Filters are applied to all the existing charts.

Filters in Tableau Dashboard 13

A third approach to create Filters on the Dashboard

Instead of applying filters on the Tableau dashboard, we can use the ones that we created in an individual worksheet.

Let me create one on Pie Chart. Please refer to the Introduction article to understand the concept.

Choose the Values by checkmark them 14

And you can see the impact on the complete dashboard.

View Dashboard 15

Let me open another dashboard that we created in our previous article. You can see that the same filter is affecting this dashboard as well.

Filters in Tableau Dashboard 16