Download and Install Tableau

In this article, we will show you how to Download and Install Tableau Desktop (irrespective of the version) with screenshots. Installing Desktop includes the following steps. So, Please follow the steps as we mentioned below

Steps to Download and install Tableau Desktop

The following are the steps involved in downloading and installing Tableau Desktop. And it will be the same for Mac users also.

Tableau Desktop

The company provides a 14-days trial version. You can use the same and practice it on your own. To download Tableau Desktop, first Go to the official website by clicking this link Official Link.

The below screenshot will show you the Downloads page from the official website. Please provide a Valid Email ID to download the Desktop

Visit Official Page and Add Business Email 1

If you are a Student (Holding valid Student ID), then you can download the Tableau for Students, and licence valid for one year. To download for students, click this link Student Link, which will show the Downloads page. Please click on the Get For Free button

Clicking this button will show you the following form. Please fill your details and then upload your ID card. Next, allow some time for the team to verify your details. Once your ID is confirmed, then the team sends you the Licence Key, which is valid for One Year.

Register to Trail Period or Student 3

Install Tableau Desktop

To install Tableau desktop, please navigate your file system to the Software that we saved previously. Next, and click on the application.

Once you click on the application, the below-shown window will open. It is Security warning, and it may appeal if you have any security measures otherwise, skip to next step

Run application 4

The first page of the Tableau desktop is a Welcome page. Please check-mark the I have read and accept the terms of the license agreement option and click the Install button.

Download and Install Tableau 5

Wait until the Tableau desktop installation completed. After that, please wait till the registration window is opens. Here you have to register your details.

Fill the details in registration page 8

If you have the Licence Key, click on the Activate hyperlink (blue color link from above image) from the above screenshot. Click the link will open the following window to provide the Licence Key and click Activate.

Enter the Product Key 9

It automatically opens after finishing the installation

Download and Install Tableau 10