Download and Install Power BI Desktop

This section shows you how to Download and Install Power BI Desktop with screenshots. Installing the Desktop includes the following steps. So, please follow the steps we mentioned below.

Steps to Download and Install Power BI Desktop

The following are the steps involved in downloading and installing a Power BI Desktop.

Power BI Desktop Download 64 bit

Power BI Desktop is a Free windows based application. You can use this Desktop to Shape the data in a proper format and design reports per the requirements.

For this, first, Go to the official website by clicking this link Download Link.

TIP: You need Power BI Pro access to publish the report and share them.

The below screenshot shows you the Microsoft Power BI Downloads page. Either you can select the Download button, or you can click the hyperlink of Advanced Download Options.

Click the Button 1

Clicking the Advanced Download Options takes you to the Microsoft website. Here, you can read the Installation steps, software, and hardware requirements.

Click the Download button to save the Power BI software from the Microsoft location

Check Desktop Version, File Size 2

Install Power BI Desktop

To install the Power BI desktop, Please navigate your file system to the previously downloaded software. Next, click on the application.

Once you click on the application, the below-shown window will open. It is a Security warning, and it may appear if you have any security measures; otherwise, skip to the next step.

Click Run Buton 3

The first page of the install Microsoft Power BI desktop wizard is a Welcome page. Please click the Next button

Download and Install Power BI Desktop 4

Please, checkmark the I accept the terms of the Licence Agreement option and click the Next button.

Accept the License Agreement 5

Select the location where you want to install this Power BI desktop application. Here, either you can leave the default C location or use the Change button to alter the installation directory.

Change the File path location 6

Next, Click the Install button.

Download and Install Power BI Desktop 7

Wait until the installation is completed.

Wait until the process completes 8

Click the Finish button to complete the installation process

Click the Finish button 9

Wait till it initializes the desktop features.

Download and Install Power BI Desktop 10

Now you can see the installed Desktop. Let me close the start page.

Choose Try Free or Sign In 11

It is the place where we load data from different sources, design reports, and publish them.

View Desktop to design reports 12

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