Read CSV File in Alteryx

This section explains how to load or read data from CSV files into the Alteryx designer with an example. First, we created a new workflow and drag and dropped the Input Data Tool into the Alteryx Designer window. 

Read CSV File in Alteryx 1

Within the Configuration tab, click on the down arrow button to connect to a File or Database.

load CSV Files in Alteryx 2

It opens the following Data Connections window. Please select the Files tab to see the list of supported file types by the Alteryx. In this Alteryx example, we want to read CSV file data. So, please click on the Select File button

load CSV File in Alteryx 3

Let me choose the Customers CSV file from the Alteryx Sample data folder.

Read CSV File in Alteryx 4

You can see the CSV file information and the preview of the first 100 records on the Alteryx left side configuration pane.

Read CSV File in Alteryx 5

Please use the Browse tool to see the data inside that CSV file. So, drag and drop the Browse tool to the designer and connect the CSV Input Data tool to Browse and click the Run button.

Read CSV File in Alteryx 6

From the below Alteryx read CSV file workflow image, you can see all the CSV files’ records.

Read CSV File in Alteryx 7

If you click on the Metadata tab, you can see the CSV file column information such as Name, type, size, and source name.

Read CSV File in Alteryx 8

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