Alteryx Record ID

The Alteryx Record ID assigns a unique value or identifier to each record. We can use this Record ID to set orderID, EmpID, etc. To demonstrate this Alteryx Record ID, we used the CustomersWithoutId text file.

Alteryx Record ID 1

First, drag and drop the Input Data Tool, and select the CustomersWithoutId text file from the configuration tab.

Record ID 2

Alteryx Record ID Tool Example

Please go to the Preparation tab, and drag the Record ID tool to the canvas. Within the record ID Configuration tab, we have to assign the new Column name, starting value (ID starts from this value), data type, size, and the column position.

Alteryx Record ID 3

First, connect the Input tool to this Alteryx record ID tool. For now, we leave the default values for the new columns. It means Record ID will create a new column of integer type place at a first position whose value starts from 1.

Alteryx Record ID 4

We changed the starting value to 20 (ID starts from 20) and the column position to the last column.

Record ID 5

You can also use negative values as the Record ID starting value.

Alteryx Record ID 6

Let me change the data type to staring and start value to 222. Don’t forget the assign the appropriate size.

Alteryx Record ID 7