Alteryx Select tool

The Alteryx Select tool is useful for detecting the columns, and we can rename the columns names. You can also use this Alteryx select tool to change the required column data type and size.

Alteryx Select tool Example

Drag the Input Tool, and select the Customers_text text file from the configuration tab. From the below image, you can see that the file has fifteen records.

Input Data 1

If you look at the text file metadata, all the columns are of the string data type.

Check Metadata 2

Alteryx Select Tool Data Types Conversion Example

Drag and drop the Select tool to the canvass and connect the Input tool.

Alteryx Datatype Conversion 3

Within the Alteryx Select Tool Configuration tab, you can see the source column names, data types, column size, and empty fields to rename the column and provide the description.

Alteryx Datatype Conversion 4

By clicking the down arrow beside the type shows you the list of available types. Please change the data type of an Alteryx column as per your requirement.

Change Data type 5

Here, we changed the yearly income, sales to double, and EmpID to a 32-bit integer. Then we renamed the Yearly Income as Income and Occupation as Profession.

Alteryx Select Tool - Datatype Conversion 6

Hit the Run button to see the select tool result of data type conversion.

Alteryx Select Tool - Datatype Conversion 7

Let me load this data type conversion output into SQL Server’s new table Alteryx Select Tool. We have already explained the steps in the Load Text File into SQL Server article.

Add Output Name 8

The below image shows you the Alteryx SQL configuration settings.

Write to File or Database options 9

Run the Select tool workflow.

Alteryx Select Tool - Datatype Conversion 10


Within the Management Studio, you can see the table result.

Sql table 11

For the datatype, you can look at the table definition.

Open Table designer to see the Datatype 12