Alteryx Unique Records Tool

The Alteryx Unique tool helps to find unique records from the source. The Unique tool returns two outputs, and they are Unique records (U) and Duplicate records (D). To demonstrate this Alteryx Unique Tool, we used the Customer_Country text file.

Alteryx Unique Tool 1

First, drag and drop the Input Data Tool, and select the Customer_Country text file from the Connect a File or Database option configuration tab.

Alteryx Unique Tool 2

Alteryx Unique Records Tool Example

Please go to the Preparation tab, and drag and drop the Unique tool to the canvas. Next, connect the Input tool to this Unique tool. As you can see, the Unique has two outputs U and D.

Within the Alteryx Unique records tool Configuration tab, we have the list of all the available columns coming from the source. Here, you have to choose the Unique columns.

Alteryx Unique Tool 3

Let me Select the First Name means, and it will return all the Customers whose first name is unique.

Alteryx Unique Tool 4

If you look into the D output i.,e Duplicate, you can see all the duplicate first names.

Duplicate records 5

This time, we have selected the First Name and education. Remember, when you choose multiple columns, it has to match all those columns. This Alteryx Unique example returns all the customers whose first name and eduction is unique.

Alteryx Unique Tool 6

There is only one duplicate record, and that record is.

Alteryx Duplicate records 7

Here, we selected Education and Occupation. The Alteryx Unique record tool returns all the customers whose education and occupation is unique.

Alteryx Unique records 8

There are five duplicate customer records, and click on the D output to see them.

Alteryx Unique Tool 9