Install Alteryx

This article explains the step by step approach to install the Alteryx Designer, along with screenshots.

Steps to install Alteryx Designer Tool

To install the Designer, first, locate the downloaded file in the file system. Next, click on the exe file.

Click the exe File 1

Please wait until it verifies the package content and starts the installation process.

Wait until the Content verification completes 2

Please select a language that you want to use for the Designer.

Choose Default Language to install Alteryx 3

Here, you can change the Name and the location to install Alteryx.

Change the Folder path 4

Please checkmark the I accept the license agreement.

Accept License Agreement 5

Wait until the Alteryx Designer tool install process completes.

Install Alteryx 6

Now you can see the successful message. Either you can run the Alteryx or close the install process. Let me select the Run it Now option and click the finish button.

Finish Alteryx Installation 7

From the below image, you can see the designer window.

designer tool Window 8

Designer Activation

When you open the Alteryx Designer for the first time, it will ask you to enter the license key to activate the product. If you want, you can click on the Start Free Trial button to enjoy the free trial. Let me enter my Email and the activation key.

Email and Licence Key to activate 9

You can see the success message. Please click on the Start Solving button.

Start Solving tool 10

It is the Start Here file, and you can see this when you open the application for the first time!

Open the Designer application 11