Alteryx Running Total

The Alteryx running total tool helps you return or find a numeric column’s running total with the given source. To demonstrate this running total tool, we used the below CSV file.

CSV File 0

First, drag and drop the Input Data Tool, and select the Customers CSV file from the Connect a File or Database option configuration tab.

Load CSV File 1

Alteryx Running Total Example

Please go to the transform tab and drag and drop the Running total tool to the canvas. Next, connect the Input to this.

If you observe the Create Running Total section under the Configuration tab, Alteryx says that No numeric fields are available. As we said earlier, we need a numeric column to perform the Running total.

Alteryx Running Total 2

To change the data type of the columns, we added the Select tool in between input and running total tools. Next, we changed the EmpID to int, yearly Income to integer, and renamed it as Income and sales column to double.

Add Select Tool to designer 3

Now you can see those three numeric columns under the create a running total section of the Alteryx.

Checkmark Column Name 4

Let me calculate the running total of the Income. To do this, checkmark the income column and hit the Run button. From the below screenshot, you can see the result.

Alteryx Running Total 5

This time we were calculating the running total of sales and Income.

Running Total 6

We haven’t used the Group By option, which is optional under the Alteryx Running total Configuration tab. By using this option, we can calculate the running total for each Group. Let me checkmark the Education column. It will calculate the running total of Income and Sales for each Education group.

Group By 7

This time, we use get Education and Occupation as the Group by columns. It will group the records based on Education and occupation. Then, Alteryx will find the running total of that Group.

Alteryx Running Total 8