Create SSIS Catalog

The SSIS Catalog or SSISDB (or Integration Services Catalog) is very important to work with the Interrogation service projects. I must say, It is an essential requirement to deploy SSIS packages.

This section explains the step-by-step approach to creating the Integration Service Catalog with an example. First, open the SQL Server Management Studio to create a catalog. Then, under the Object Explorer window, Please navigate yourself to the Integration Services Catalogs folder, as shown below.

Open SSMS Object Explorer 1

Steps to Create SSIS Catalog

If you or your team member has already created them, they will appear under this folder. If not, right-click on the folder will open the context menu. Please select the Create catalog.. option.

Right-click on the Folder and choose create option 2

Once you select the option, a new window will open

Create SSIS Catalog 3

You must select the Enable CLR Integration option to create or use the SSIS catalog.

Choose Enable CLR Integration option 4

Please checkmark the Enable automatic execution of Integration Services stored procedure at SQL Server Startup option and provide the password.

checkmark the Enable automatic execution 5

Once you click the OK button, it will start creating the Integration Service catalog.

Create SSIS Catalog 6

From the below Management Studio screenshot, you can see that we successfully did.

View it in SSMS Object Explorer 7

Let me create a new folder. To do so, right-click on the newly created SSIS Catalog, and select the Create Folder… option from the context menu.

Create a new folder 8

Once you select the Create Folder.. option, a new window will open to create a new folder. Please provide the folder name and valid description. When you deploy projects from BIDS, you have to select this folder.

Provide Folder Name and Description 9

Now you can see the newly created folder. If you observe closely, Integration Services automatically added the Projects and Environments folder to store the SSIS Packages and variables.

Create SSIS Catalog 10