Count Records in SQL Group

How to Count Records in SQL Group with example?. For this, We are going to use the [MyEmployee table] table present in our Database. From the below figure you can observe that [MyEmployee table] table have fourteen records

Count Records in SQL Group by 1

How to Count Records in SQL Group

Generally, we will write queries to check for the total number of products that belong to a particular category or color, etc. In these situations, we use the GROUP BY clause to group the products by category or color.

To count the total number of records present in each group, we have to use the COUNT function. Let us see the SQL Server Example

SELECT COUNT( [EmployeeID]) AS [Total Records]
      ,SUM([YearlyIncome]) AS Income
      ,SUM([Sales]) AS Sale
 FROM [MyEmployees Table]
 GROUP BY [Education]
Count Records in SQL Group by 2

TIP: The Group By Clause will also group the NULL records, and count them as well. You can remove the NULL values by using the WHERE Clause with NOT NULL