SQL Arithmetic Operators

Arithmetic Operators in SQL Server 2014 3

The SQL Arithmetic Operators are used to perform SQL Server Arithmetic operations, such as Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, and Division on given Data. SQL Arithmetic Operators Example Before we get into the example, the following table shows the list of available Arithmetic operators in SQL Server. SQL Arithmetic Operators Operation Example + Addition DECLARE @A INT, @B … Read more

SQL Comparison Operators

SQL Comparison Operators 2

The SQL Comparison Operators will be very useful to compare the Column values with the valid Expression. The following table shows the list of available comparison operators in SQL Server. SQL Comparison Operators Description = Equal to > Greater than < Less than >= Greater than or Equal to <= Less than or Equal to … Read more


SQL BETWEEN Operator 2

The SQL Between Operator displays the records (or rows) whose values are in between the given values. The syntax of the Between operator in SQL Server is — SQL Server Between Operator Syntax SELECT [Column Names] FROM [Source] WHERE [Column Name] BETWEEN Value1 AND Value2 –We can also write the above statement SELECT [Column Names] FROM … Read more

SQL IN Operator

SQL IN Operator 9

The SQL in Operator is used to restrict the number of rows (or records) returned by the SELECT Statement. The SQL Server IN Operator checks the given expression or Column name against the Values inside the IN. If there is at least one match, then SELECT Statement will return the records SQL IN Operator Syntax The … Read more

SQL AND & OR Operators

SQL AND Operator 2

In SQL Server, The Logical Operators such as AND & OR Operators will be used in the WHERE Clause to apply more filters on the records returned by the SELECT Statement. For instance, we want to order shoes on the Amazon website. When we type shoes in the search bar, it will show thousands of shoes. However, to … Read more