SQL Rename Column

In SQL Server, there is a standard stored procedure called SP_RENAME to rename the column name. The syntax of this approach is

SP_RENAME '[Table Name].[Old Column Name]', '[New Column Name]', COLUMN'

SQL Rename Column Example

In this example, we will alter the name using this SP_RENAME stored procedure. To demonstrate the SQL Rename Column, We use the below table.

SQL Rename Column 1

We use the above-specified Server syntax or stored procedure to rename the YearlyIncome to a new name: Income


SP_RENAME 'Customers.YearlyIncome', 'Income', 'COLUMN'
SQL Rename Column 2

See the change

SQL Rename Column 3

SQL Rename Column using SSMS

If you can access the Management Studio, then right-click on the table, and select the Design from the context menu to change the col name.

SQL Rename Column 4

Selecting the Design option will open the table in design mode. Let me change the Income to Annual Income

SQL Rename Column 6

Click the Close button and select the Yes button from the displayed pop-up window to save the changes you made in the design window.

SQL Rename Column 7

See the changed name.

SQL Rename Column 8