SQL @@PACK_SENT is a System Statistical Function, returns the total number of output packets written to the network since the last time the SQL server started. The syntax behind this @@PACK_SENT is



It shows you the total number of packets sent to the network in this Server.

SELECT @@PACK_SENT AS [Total Packets Sent]
SQL @@PACK_SENT Example 1

You can use the GETDATE() function along with the Pack_sent function to see the total packets sent until today.

SELECT @@PACK_SENT AS [Total Packets Sent],
	GETDATE() AS [As of Today]
SQL @@PACK_SENT Example 2

@@PACK_SENT Example 2

In this @@PACK_SENT example we are using both the Packet sent, and Packet receive functions, along with Today’s date

SELECT 	@@PACK_SENT AS [Total Packets Sent],
	@@PACK_RECEIVED AS [Total Packets Received],
	GETDATE() AS [As of Today]
SQL @@PACK_SENT Example 3

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