SQL COS Function

The SQL Server COS function is a Mathematical Function that calculates the trigonometry Cosine for the specified expression. The syntax of the COS Function is shown below.

SELECT COS (Float_Expression)
FROM [Source]

For this COS Function demo, we use the Math Table data

Source Table

SQL COS Function Example

The mathematical formula for this function is COS(x) = Length of the Adjacent Side / Length of the Hypotenuse. The COS Function calculates the Cosine for a given angle. The following query shows you multiple ways to use this COS function.

DECLARE @i float
SET @i = 208.45


-- Calculating COS directly
SELECT COS(0.24)AS [SQLCosine]

-- Calculating COS directly

-- Calculating COS directly
COSINE Example 1

We used the COS Mathematical Function to calculate the Cosine value for the variable @i. It means COS(208.45)


In the next SQL Server statement, we used the Cosine Function directly on the float values.

SELECT COS(0.24)AS [SQLCosine]

SQL COS Function Example 2

In this COS Function example, we are going to calculate the Cosine value for all the records present in [Tax Amount] and [Service Grade] of the Mathematical function table.

SELECT [EnglishProductName]
      ,COS([TaxAmt]) AS [Tax Cosine]
      ,[Service Grade] AS Grade
      ,COS ([Service Grade]) AS [Cosine] 
  FROM [Mathemetical Functions]

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