SQL Add Column

In SQL Add Column is used to add a new column to the existing table. For this demonstration, we use the Customer.

Table Records 1

SQL Add Column example

To add a new to the existing table, please use the following transact SQL Alter table Add Column syntax.

ALTER TABLE [Table_Name]
ADD [New_Column] Data_Type (Length) NULL | NOT NULL

Let me insert Sales that allows Nulls to an existing Customers

USE [NewNameDB]

Commands completed successfully.

In the above Server code, we added Sales of Money data type, and it will allow NULL Values. You can see the new col

SQL Add Column 3

Add Column using Management Studio

From the Management Studio, right-click on the table, and select the Design.

Open Table in Design Mode using Management Studio 4

Selecting the Design option will open the table in design mode. Let me insert a new col called Tax of Money data type.

SQL Add Column 6

Click the Close button will display the pop-up window. Please select the Yes button to save the changes.

SQL Add Column 7

Now you can see the newly included col called the tax.

SQL Add Column 8