Create a SSIS Project

SSIS Projects are used to extract data from a wide variety of sources, transform data, and finally load data into the destination. In this article, we will show the step by step approach to create a SSIS project with an example.

How to Create a SSIS Project?

In this example, we will show the steps involved in creating a New Project in SSIS (SQL Server Integration Services). To do so, First Double click on Data Tools or Business Intelligence Development Studio (shortly called as BIDS)

Create a SSIS Project 1

First, select the File option from Menu item. Next, select New and then select the New Project… option to create a new SSIS Project

Create a SSIS Project 2

Once we click on the New Project… option, a new window called New Project will open. Use this window to select the required project from available project templates. Let’s select the Integration Services Project under the Business Intelligence Templates. Next, we changed the project name as SQL Integration Services Project.

Create a SSIS Project 3

Click Ok to finish creating a new SQL Server Integration Services project.

Create a SSIS Project 4

Let’s explain about individual window after creating an SSIS project

  1. Solution Explorer: Use this window to create project-level connection managers and packages.
  2. Properties: Helps to change the properties of each task.
  3. Toolbox: Drag and Drop the tasks, containers, transformations, sources, destinations to design the package.
  4. Information: Click on the toolbox items to see the information in this window
  5. Connection Managers: Use to create a package level connection managers
  6. Package: Design package