C strrchr Function

The C strrchr function is a String method, which returns a pointer to the last occurrence of a character in a given string. The syntax of the C strrchr function is

void *strrchr(const char *str, const char *chr_to_look);
  • str: A valid string
  • chr_to_look: Character value that you want to look inside str

strrchr in C Language Example

The strrchr function is used to find the last occurrence of a character within the user-specified string. Before using this method, you must include the #include<string.h> header.

This program will help you to understand the String Function with multiple C Programming examples.

#include <stdio.h> 

int main()
    char str[] =  "This is abc working in abc company";
    char *ch;
    ch = strrchr(str, 'b');
        printf("We Found your Last Occurence of a Given Character");
        printf("\nThe Final String From 'b' is : %s \n", ch);
        printf("Given Character is Not found. Sorry!! \n");
    return 0;
C strrchr Function example