C Program to Add Two Numbers

Write a simple C program to add two integer numbers and print the addition or sum output.

Simple C Program to add Two numbers

This program permits the user to enter two integer values. And then, add those two integer numbers and allot the total to the variable sum. In this simple program of adding two numbers examples, First, we declared three integer values called number1, number2, and sum.

The next two lines of program code invite the user to enter two integer numbers. The next scanf statement will assign the user entered values to variables that we already declared, and they are number1 and number2.

Next line, we applied Arithmetic Operators + to sum number1 and number2 and assigned that total to the sum. Then the printf will display the sum of two numbers variable as an output (22 + 44 = 66).

#include <stdio.h>
int main()
  int number1, number2, sum;
  printf(" Enter two integer values \n ");
  scanf("%d %d", &number1, &number2);
  sum = number1 + number2;
  printf(" Sum of the two integer values is %d", sum);
  return 0;
Simple C Program to add Two numbers Output

This c program to add two numbers performed well while working with positive integers and it returns the sum. What about the combination of positive and negative integers? Let us see.

C Program to add Two Negative numbers

This addition of two numbers worked excellently with negative numbers, too.

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