Power BI Q&A Advanced

In Power BI, you can use the complete report as the Q&A suggestion. I mean, you can display a complete report with filters under the Q&A suggestions list. Let me show you how to use these Power BI Q&A Advanced options with a practical example. For this Power BI Q&A Advanced demonstration, we are using Second Dashboard.

TIP: I suggest you refer the Q&A Introduction article to under the introduction part and Customize Q&A suggestions article to add your own set of Power BI questions.

Open Dashboard 1

Power BI Q&A Advanced

In this example, we are using the Sales Report present in Basic Reports in RPT1. I suggest you refer to Page Level Filters to understand this report and Publish a report from Desktop to understand the Dataset.

Please go to My Workspace -> Reports tab and then click on the Basic Reports in RPT1. Clicking this opens the following window. Let me click the Edit report button

Click Edit Report 2

Next, we added Country to Page Level Filter.

Add Country Dimension to Page Level Filter 3

We selected Require Single Selection and then selected the United States as the Default value.

Checkmark Require Single Selection 4

Next, go to the Page Settings tab, and add your questions inside the page information. As you can see, we added three terms. It means when I type Sales report, revenue report, or products report (any of these three terms), it will call this report

Power BI Q&A Advanced 5

Let me go to the Second dashboard Q&A window.

Power BI Q&A Advanced 6

When I type the sales report, it is asking for the country name. Let me select Australia.

Power BI Q&A Advanced 7

You can see that it displays the complete report filtered by Australia.

Power BI Q&A Advanced 8

Let me try for Germany

Power BI Q&A Advanced 9

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