MySQL BIT_AND Function

MySQL BIT_AND is one of the Aggregate Functions, which performs Bitwise AND operation on all bits. This BIT_AND function first converts all decimal values into binary values and performs bitwise and operations on those binary values.

BIT_AND Syntax

The basic syntax of the BIT_AND Function in MySQL is as shown below:

SELECT BIT_AND (Expression)
FROM [Source]

The Truth Table behind this Bit_And function is

xyx BIT_AND y

MySQL BIT_AND Function Example

In this example, we are going to implement the BIT_AND function on different columns in a table. To demonstrate the same, we are going to use the dup employee 2 table data that we have shown below

Table 1

The following MySQL statement finds the Bitwise AND values of Sales 1 and Sales 2 columns.

-- Example
USE company;
FROM dupemploy2;
Bitwise AND Example 2

x = 9 = 1001

y = 12 = 1100

and the Bitwise AND for the above bits is 1000 = 8

BIT_AND Group By Example

In this example, we are going to use the BIT_AND function along with the Group By clause. For this Aggregate Function example, We are going to use the below shown data

Customer table 1


-- Example
SELECT Profession,
FROM company.dupcustomerdetails
group by Profession;
MySQL BIT_AND Function Example 3

Let me take the Example of the Developer Group

85000 = 10100110000001000
80000 = 10011100010000000
55000 = 01101011011011000

and the MySQL output is 0