Format Tableau Dashboard Layout

In this article, we will show you, How to Format Tableau Dashboard Layout with an example. For this, we are going to use the below-shown dashboard.

To Format Tableau Dashboard Layout, we use one that we created in our previous article, so please refer to the Dashboard article.

Format Tableau Dashboard Layout

Once you have created your dashboard (added required Sheets), you can use the layout tab to format those Sheets or Items as per your requirements.

Change the Display Size

By default, Fixed Size is selected by Tableau. Under the Size, you can change the size of a Dashboard as per your requirement. It can help design your dashboard based on the Size. The automatic option will adjust the Items as per the Screen size.

Format Tableau Dashboard Layout by Changing Size from Fixed to Automatic 2

Under the Fixed option, we have multiple options to select. Let me choose the laptop Browser for now.

Under the Size Fixed, Choose the laptop Browser option 3

You can see that our dashboard work area adjusted to the laptop Browser resolution.

Format Tableau Dashboard Layout 4

Format Tableau Dashboard Layout items

The layout tab is used to format individual Items in a dashboard. To format the dashboard layout, you have to select a particular item. Checkmark Show Title to display the Item or Sheet Title; otherwise, uncheck Show Title

Change Items 5

Format Dashboard Item Border

By default, there will be no Borders for any Item in a dashboard. To change the border of any item, select the sheet and change its border.

Format Tableau Dashboard Layout  - Change the Border Line style and color 6

See the Pie Chart with Red Colored Dotted Lines Border.

Format Tableau Dashboard Layout 7

Change the Dashboard Item Background Color

By default Background of any Item in a dashboard is None. To change any item’s background, select the sheet and change its background.

Change Background color 8

See the Bubble chart with Light Sky Blue background.

Format Tableau Dashboard Layout 9

Format Tableau Dashboard Item Hierarchy

You can see the Item hierarchy here. You can edit, remove, or even delete them from it.

Change Item Hierarchy Layout 10

To remove everything from it, right-click on the Tiled and select Remove Container.

Select Remove Container option 11

This will ask you to delete the Container and the Items (Sheets or Charts) that are present inside the Container.

Choose Delete option 12

Format Dashboard Item Inner Padding

You can change the Space inside an Item by changing the Inner padding settings. To do so, please select the Sheet and change its padding.

Change the inner padding top, bottom, left, and right 13

Format Dashboard Item Outer Padding

You can change the Space Outside a Dashboard Item by changing the Outer padding settings. For this, select the Sheet and change its Outer padding.

Change the top, left, right, bottom of Outer padding 14

I think you don’t understand the Change. Let me add Borders to Pie Chart and change the padding. Now, see the space outside the Pie Chart because we changed the Outer padding to 54 on all sides.

Add Border to chart 15

Use the Dashboard layout to Floating the Item

By check-marking the Format Tableau dashboard layout Floating property, you can float one item on top of another. We used this property on Pie Chart.

Floating property to float pane 16

Either you can use Position (x, y) or Size (w, h) to adjust the position and size or use your mouse.

Format Tableau Dashboard Layout 17

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