MySQL Concat_ws string

The MySQL Concat_ws string function stands for concatenating with a separator. The concat_ws function is one of the String methods, which is to combine two or more strings along with a separator. If any of the arguments is a Null value, then it returns the result as the. NULL

The basic syntax of the MySQL Concat_ws function is as shown below:

SELECT CONCAT_WS (Separator, String 1, String 2,.., String N)
FROM Source

MySQL Concat_ws String Function Example

It returns the combined string using the separator. The following query shows you the same.

SELECT CONCAT_WS(',', 'Tutorial', 'Gateway') AS Str1;

SELECT CONCAT_WS(' ', 'Tutorial', 'Gateway') AS Str2;

SELECT CONCAT_WS(' $ ', 'Learn', 'MySQL', 'at', 'Tutorial', 'Gateway') AS Str3;

SELECT CONCAT_WS(' ', 'Learn', 'MySQL', 'at', 'Tutorial', 'Gateway') AS Str4;

As you can see from the below screenshot, it is combining the words using the separator that we specified as the first argument.

MySQL Concat_ws Function Example 1

Concat_ws Example 2

In this MySQL example, we are going to concatenate the FirstName and LastName columns present in the Employe using a space separator, and dollar separator. To demonstrate this function, we are going to use the employ table data that we have shown below

Table 2

Let me show you the query

SELECT  First_Name, 
	CONCAT_WS(' ', First_Name, Last_Name) AS FullName1,
        CONCAT_WS(' $ ', First_Name, Last_Name) AS FullName2,
FROM employe;
MySQL Concat_ws string function 3

TIP: This function is the same as the Concat function. However, this Function accepts an extra argument as the separator.

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