Java Program to Add Two Complex Numbers

Write a Java program to add two complex numbers with an example. Unfortunately, complex Numbers have a real part and an imaginary part, and it is tricky to perform addition on two of them. 

For example, 5 + 10i means 5 is a real part, and 10 is an imaginary part. And adding another one 11 + 9i has to give 16 + 19i.

Java Program to Add two Complex Numbers

In this example, we created a constructor to initialize the complex numbers. Next, create an instance of that class with default values.

package SimpleNumberPrograms;

public class acn {
	double real, imaginary;
	acn(double r, double i) {
		this.real = r;
		this.imaginary = i;
	public static void main(String args[]){
		acn cn1 = new acn(10.7, 22.5);
		acn cn2 = new acn(28.2, 68);
		acn addition = sum(cn1, cn2);
		System.out.printf("\nComplex Numbers Sum = " + 
		addition.real + " + " + addition.imaginary + "i ");
	public static acn sum(acn cn1, acn cn2) {
		acn addition = new acn(0, 0);
		addition.real = cn1.real + cn2.real;
		addition.imaginary = cn1.imaginary + cn2.imaginary;
		return addition;
Java Program to Add two Complex Numbers 1