C Program to Calculate Simple Interest

How to write a C Program to Calculate Simple Interest with an example. Before we get into the example, let me show you the formula behind the calculation:

SI = (Principal Amount*Rate of Interest*Number of years) / 100

C Program to Calculate Simple Interest

This program allows the user to enter the Principal Amount, Rate of Interest, and the number of years. By using those above-specified formulas, we will calculate these values within this Program.

int main() 
   float PAmount, ROI, Time_Period, si;
   printf("\nPlease enter the Principal Amount : \n");
   scanf("%f", &PAmount);
   printf("Please Enter Rate Of Interest : \n");
   scanf("%f", &ROI);
   printf("Please Enter the Time Period in Years : \n");
   scanf("%f", &Time_Period);
   si = (PAmount * ROI * Time_Period) / 100;
   printf("\nSimple Interest for Principal Amount %.2f is = %.2f", PAmount, si);
   return 0;
C Program to Calculate Simple Interest

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