Talend tFixedFlowInput

The Talend tFixedFlowInput component generates a fixed number of rows from the internal variables. In this section, we show you how to use this Talend tFixedFlowInput to create a table of fixed values.

Talend tFixedFlowInput Example

Drag and drop the tFixedFlowInput component into the job design.

Talend tFixedFlowInput 1

The following screenshot shows the tFixedFlowInput properties in the components tab.

  1. The number of rows: Please enter the total number of rows to generate.
  2. Mode: It has three options, and we show you an example of each Talend option.

Please click on the Edit Schema button and add the required columns to use in this tFixedFlowInput field. Here, we created three columns SNO, Name, and Age.

Talend tFixedFlowInput Properties

Use Single Table

Once you click the Edit Schema OK button, those columns are added to the Column section. Under the values, you have to add the values for each column.

For the Talend tFixedFlowInput demo purpose, we added the values. Next, we used the tLogRow to show the result.

Add Column Values

Let me run this tFixedFlowInput job.

Run the Talend tFixedFlowInput Job

Talend tFixedFlowInput uses Inline Table

This option creates an inline table. Please use this option to add multiple rows. So, let me add four records to the columns that we created earlier.

Talend tFixedFlowInput Inline Table Option

You can see the Talend tFixedFlowInput result!

Run the Talend tFixedFlowInput Inline table option job

Talend tFixedFlowInput uses Inline Content (delimited file)

Please use this option to use multiple records in a file. You can simply copy all the records into the content section and specify the Row and field separator.

Here, we changed the Schema and added five columns to store the employee information. Next, we added ten records whose row is separated by a new line and fields separated by a comma.

Talend tFixedFlowInput Content input

Once you run the tFixedFlowInput job, you can see the result.

Talend tFixedFlowInput Result