Tableau Stepped Line Chart

This article will show you how to create a Tableau Stepped Line Chart with an example. Instead of continuous lines, steps show the sales increment and downfall in a boxy manner.

First, select the Order Date and the Sales Amount and click on the show me window continuous lines chart to generate a regular line chart.

Choose Date Field and Measure Value

Now, you can see the standard line chart.

Standard Chart

Tableau Stepped Line Chart Example

Click the Path section to choose the Line Type within the Marks Shelf. Next, select the Step (middle one) to change the normal to a stepped line chart.

Select Step option from Path Shelf

From the below image, you can see the stepped line chart.

Tableau Stepped Line Chart

Let me select the Quarter of the Order Date to quarterly sales.

Showing Quarterly Sales

Select Week using the down arrow to see the weekly sales within the Columns shelf.

Tableau Stepped Line Chart With Weekly Sales report

Drag and drop the Profit measure field to the Color shelf to change the color of the stepped lines based on the profit.

Add Measure to Color Shelf

Add the Sales Amount to the label shelf or click the T button to show the data labels to the Tableau stepped line chart.

Add Data Labels to Tableau Stepped Line Chart

Let me add one more measure, i.e., Total Product Sale, to the rows shelf and perform Dual Axis and Synchronize the Axis to show the stepped line chart for multiple measures.

Multiple Tableau Stepped Line Charts

Also, refer to the Change the Line Chart Color and Change the Size of a Line Chart articles to understand the options.

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