Tableau Discrete Line Chart

This article shows you how to create a Tableau Discrete Line Chart with an example. A line chart generally displays data in a continuous line, but a discrete line chart will further divide them into multiple sections to compare them.

We need one date field and at least one or more measures to create these discrete lines. So, select the Order Date and the Quantity Measure and click on the discrete lines option from the show me window to generate a chart.

Choose Date and Measure field

It looks like a regular line chart.

Regular Chart

How to Create a Tableau Discrete Line Chart?

Expand the Date hierarchy within the columns shelf by clicking the plus button beside the Year. Now, you can see the discrete line chart that displays the quantity by year on end and the Quarter on the other end of the axis.

Tableau Discrete Lines Chart

You can further expand the date hierarchy to view Yearly, Quarterly, and Monthly Quantities.

Expand Hierarchy to View further

First, click the Minus button beside the Quarter to remove the month from the Columns shelf. Next, drag and drop the Segment field to the Color shelf to add colors to the discrete lines chart.

Add Dimension to Color Segment

Click the T button or add the Quantity Measure to the Label Shelf to add data labels to the Tableau discrete line chart.

Add Data Labels and Colors to Tableau Discrete Lines Chart

Using Multiple Measures

Select the Order Date, Sales, and profit Measures. Next, use the show me window to generate two discrete lines chart on two axes.

Use Multiple Measures and date filed

You can see the lines on two axes from the screenshot below.

Two Axis Chart

Let me expand to see the Tableau discrete lines chart.

Tableau Discrete Lines Chart with multiple measures

Next, add the Segment field to the Color Shelf of All (profit and sales) to divide the discrete line chart further.

Expand to Quarterly to see the discrete area chart for profit and sales in two axes.

Tableau Discrete Lines Chart Preview

Also, refer to the Change the Line Chart Color and Change the Size of a Line Chart articles to understand the options.