Create a Talend Job

A Talend Job is where we design our job or perform the transformation. Creating a Talend job allows you to use or access the available Talend components such as Connections, Transformations (fields), and outputs. So, Talend Job helps you take input from different sources, perform some operations (transformation), and stores it in the desired output, on a whole ETL operation.

How to Create a Talend Job?

To create a Talend Job, right-click on the Job Design folder in a repository and select create job option from the context menu. Or, if you want to export the created job, you can do it by using the Export items option. And if you have an existing job or prebuilt job, you can import that using import items option. Here, Create folder creates a new folder that helps to divide the jobs.

Create Job in Talend 1

Clicking on the create job option will open the following New Job window.

  • Name: Specify the Unique Job name.
  • Purpose: Purpose of designing or creating this Talend Job.
  • Description: Write a brief description of Job functionality.
Create Job in Talend 2

We have given the name as the First_Job, and left the Purpose and Description empty (not recommended in real-time).

Create Job in Talend 3

Now you can see our newly created job with the Repository Job Design section.

Create Job in Talend 4

To demonstrate the complete process of the Talend Job design, we use a simple Custom Code filed called tJava.

Create Job in Talend 5

Drag and drop the tJava field from pallet to job design space. Within the Job tab, you can see the Job name, author, created and modified date and time, version, etc. The contexts tab to work or use the local and global contexts for this Talend Job.

Create Job in Talend 6

The Component tab is the one we mostly work for any transformation or field. Here, we are using a simple print line statements to print two messages. Please refer Java Tutorial page to understand Java. And the code that we used in the below image is

System.out.println("Hello World!");

System.out.println("Welcome to Tutorial Gateway");
Create Job in Talend 7

You can Run this Job by clicking get Run button present in the Run tab or click on the tiny play button in the toolbar.

Create Job in Talend 8

As you can see from the below screenshot, Talend Job ran successfully, and you can see the messages as well!.

Create Job in Talend 9