Subscribe Power BI Report

Let me show you the procedure to Subscribe Power BI Report with a practical example. Before we start the Power BI email report subscription process, let me show you the existing reports in my workspace.

Please click on My Workspace and select the reports tab to view them. As you can see from the screenshot below, there are five reports. In this Power BI Report example, we Subscribe to Report 6. Let me click on report 6 to see the pages in it.

Report 1

How to Subscribe Power BI Report

From the screenshot below, you can see there are many pages in this report. In this example, we start the subscription with table 1. In order to Subscribe to Report (indeed Page), click on the Subscribe button on the Top right side, as shown below.

Click on the Button 2

Clicking the button opens the Subscribe to Emails window in the report.

  • The first text box is the page name.
  • Subscribe: Please provide the Subscriber’s Email Ids.
  • Subject: Email Subject
  • Optional Message: You can write a Custom Message
Subscribe Power BI Report 3

Let me add Kishore’s Email id as the page Subscriber. It means it sends an Email to Kishore whenever data is updated.

Subscribe Power BI Report 4

Also, Give access to this dashboard: This allows the Subscribed user to access this dashboard.

Emails Options 5

Use the Dropdown box to select or change the page from this Power BI report. For the demo purpose, we selected Area Chart.

Select Chart 6

Power BI automatically changes the Subscription name based on the page you selected. Click Save and Close button

Subscribe Power BI Report 7

From the screenshot below, you can see that the subscription is set. I hope you understood the Subscribe Power BI Report concept.

Subscribe Power BI Report 8