SSRS Atan2 Function

The SSRS Atan2 function is a Mathematical function that returns the trigonometric angle whose tan or tangent is the quotient of two given numbers. The syntax of the Atan2 function to return the angle whose tan is the quotient of two numbers is as shown below.

=Atan2(3, 5)

To demonstrate the SSRS Atan2 function, we use the Products table below, which has 14 records. The image shows the records in the table report; the result is in an empty column.

Source Table

SSRS Atan2 function Example

To do this, right-click the textbox under the Result Header and choose the Expression to open the window below. The Atan2 function expression below finds the arc tangent of two values, i.e., the Angle whose tangent is the quotient of the Service Grande field and the Orders column in the Product table.

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=Atan2(Fields!Service_Grade.Value, Fields!Orders.Value)
SSRS Atan2 Function expression

Please click the preview tab to see the Atan2 report. Please use the Round function to adjust the decimal precisions.

SSRS Atan2 Function report preview