How to Sort a Chart in Power BI

How to Sort a Chart in Power BI with an example?. To demonstrate the Sort a Chart, we are going to use the Column Chart that we created earlier.

Please refer Column Chart article to understand the Power BI column chart creation.

Column Chart Source 1

How to Sort a Chart in Power BI Example

By default, every Power BI chart sorted by the Metric Value (Numeric Value). Please click on the … (3 dots) on the top right corner to see the Sorting column.

From the screenshot below, you can see that the Sales Amount in Descending Order sorts the chart.

Click the Browse button on top right corner 2

If you want to Sort by Sales Amount in Ascending order, then click on the left corner (the place where we marked)

Choose Sort By Sales Measure option 3

Now you can see, the chart sorted by Sales Amount in Ascending Order.

How to Sort a Chart in Power BI Ascending Order 4

If you want to use the Dimension field (or any other field) as the sort option, then you select that field. Let me select the Sort by Color option

By Columns Name 5

As you can see that the chart is sorted by color in descending order (default order)

Sort a Chart in Power BI in Descending Order 6

You can click on the marked section to sort the chart by color in ascending order

Change Order 7

For example, if your chart has more than two fields, then you can sort by any of those three fields. From the below Line Chart, you can sort by State Province Name, Sales Amount, or Total Product Cost.

Final Report 8

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