Edit Power BI App

Let me show you the step by step approach to edit Power BI App with a practical example. Before we start editing the Power BI app, let me show you the existing App in my Power BI workspace. For editing the Power BI App demonstration, we are using the Sample Workspace App that we created earlier.

Edit Power BI App 1

How to edit Power BI App

Please hover over your App, and click the edit button.

Edit Power BI App 16

Clicking that button opens the following window. Click on the dashboard to edit the tiles, reports, etc. I suggest you refer to the Publish App article to understand the Power BI app creation.

Edit Power BI App 3

From the screenshot below, you can see the dashboard. By default, it shows the Web Preview. It means, whatever changes you made here apply to web preview. By clicking that little down arrow changes it to phone preview. So, let me hit the phone preview.

Edit Power BI App 4

Selecting the Phone preview pop up a new window, click continue.

Edit Power BI App 5

Now you can see the Phone preview. You can use this window to change the size and location of each tile as per your requirement.

Edit Power BI App 6

By clicking the little Hide tile button, removes that tile from dashboard and place it in the Unpinned Tiles. Let me hit that button

Edit Power BI App 7

You can see that the report removed from the dashboard. By clicking the Add tile button, you can place it inside the dashboard. Let me hit that button

Edit Power BI App 8

You can see that there are no unpinned tiles.

Edit Power BI App 9

Use the below button to remove all Tiles from the dashboard.

Edit Power BI App 10

Once you completed editing Power BI app, click the Update App button. Remember, we removed the Matrix from the Phone View.

Edit Power BI App 11

By Hitting the Update App button, it shows you the Details window. If you want, you can change these settings as well otherwise, hit Update App.

Edit Power BI App 12

Click the Update button

Edit Power BI App 13

Let me open the App in IOS

Edit Power BI App 14

From the below screenshot, you can see there is no Matrix in the Phone view.

Edit Power BI App 15

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