C# Variables

A variable in C# is nothing but a name given for a data value. The data value can be of any data type like string, float, int, etc. The syntax of the C# variable is

<data type> <variable-name> = <value>; 
<data type> <variableName1>, <variableName2>,etc;

A C# variable can be declared and initialized at the same time, or, once declared, can be initialized later. The data value initialized to a variable can be changed throughout the program as long as it is accessible. But before using them, they should be initialized; otherwise, it gives a compile-time error while executing.

Let us see an example code using type string variables message1, message2.

using System;

namespace CSharp_Tutorial
    class Program
        static void Main()
            string message1, message2;
            message1 = "Welcome to Tutorial Gateway";
            message2 = "You are learning C#.Net";


C# variables

message 1 and message 2 are the two variables. Where message1 initializes with the string “Welcome to Tutorial Gateway”.

message2 will initialize with the string “You are learning C#.Net”.

These two strings will print onto the console using the console.Writeline(). Where console is the Class and Writeline() is a Console class method that prints the console’s value.

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